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Medical & Scientific

Focused on point of care devices, laboratory equipment, digital medical imaging, and minimally invasive corrective surgery.

Our Brands

Endoscopy & Operating Theatre Equipment

Medical & Biology Training Products

Laboratory and Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Vital Signs Monitoring & Diagnosis

Digital Medical Imaging

Narang Medical Orthopedic Implants


  • Who We Are

    Bymed Medical & Scientific (Pvt) Ltd was founded in 2002. Our primary business objective is to create sustainable synergies with the world's most reputable manufacturers to give world class service to the local Healthcare and Scientific practice, thus creating a first world pocket in a third world country that will drive development.

  • Our Thrust

    is therefore in accurate and time conscious medical diagnosis technologies. We are focusing on point of care devices, laboratory equipment and digital medical imaging that lead to swift critical care and minimally invasive corrective surgery.

  • Market Focus

    Bymed Medical and Scientific is a pro-life company that embraces health sciences from intermediate high School to professional health care specialists.

    • Referral Health Care Institutions
    • Universities , Colleges and Schools
    • Medical Training Institutions
    • Doctors Rooms

  • Our Values

    • To be innovative and pioneer excellence
    • To conduct our business with integrity
    • To observe good corporate governance
    • To nurture participative management
    • To twin profitability and transparency
    • To uphold corporate social responsibility

Our Services


Bymed's educational products equip trainee nurses and many other health care professionals.
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At Bymed we supply and deliver a wide range of surgical, laboratory and medical instruments.
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We supply Spares & Accessories for all our Equipment Theatre Bulbs, Microscope Bulbs Etc
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Bymed offers Cold light sources- xenon/halogen, Video scopes, Laparoscopes, Cystoscopes, Etc
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We supply Electro Surgical Plates and Pencils (autoclavable), Ultra Sound Thermal Paper and more
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Point of Care products are available for online purchase for Doctors rooms and home care.
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